Joyful Monday Morning to Ya

Well, goooooooooood morning to ya!  Yes, I am a little more chipper than usual this morning.  I’ve just finished having my coffee on the back porch.  It was Q.U.I.E.T. out there for at least 15 minutes!  I made it through the whole cup of coffee before anyone but the dogs detected my presence 🙂

Of course, the dogs did their best to entertain and distract me.  They were rolling around play fighting all over the back yard and porch.  It sounded like a bunch of bears trying to tackle one another, lol!  Occasionally, they would come up  and attempt to engage my hand into some petting.  One sniff of their fishy-yucky-dog breath, however, convinced me that doggy affection would have to wait until later in the day.

Yes, it was me on the porch wrapped in the sacred  O.U. blanket, white socks WITH flip flops…..(this is how we wear flip flops when it’s cold in Texas, right?!)…and sipping on a steamy cup of java.  Ahhhhhh!

It was a good day to catch up on reading. 

King David has now died and Solomon is the new king.  Nathan did a good thing when he encouraged Bathsheba to get to the king first before Adonijah wrongfully wormed his way into the position.  I would love to have a Nathan in my life, wouldn’t you?  A physical person on this earth who would watch out for me and let me know when I’m about to mess up, or when someone is about to attempt to harm me.  Yes, a “Nathan” in my life would be a nice thing.

Oh wait!  We DO have “Nathans” in our life, don’t we?! 

It’s me, and you, and our neighbor, and our pastor, and our other spiritual friends.   We all are part of the body of Christ who has the responsibility to encourage and protect and hold accountable.

We have our Sunday School classes, our bible study groups, and the ones in this read thru the bible group as well.  We need the “Nathans” in our life to help keep us on track.  Though not necessarily declared “prophets” as he was, we all help to watch out for each other’s soul, and we can all help pick up the pieces when we’ve messed up.  We keep each other going, and remind each other that our busy lives don’t compare to what’s really in store for us when Jesus returns.

I really enjoy seeing each one of you take time to comment to one another.  Reading this blog may be hard — it may be just another thing to remember to do each day, but I hope we all will make it a priority to keep participating.  

What can you do to be the “Nathan” in someone’s life today?  Start here and take a moment to encourage those in this group.  Call them by name!  This isn’t just a place to lurk or vaguely check in.  

Yes, it’s been a good day so far.  I’ve even had my shower and now ready to Face the Homeschooling Giants in my life!Bird Reproduction, Acute and Obtuse Angles, Spelling Words and Abraham Lincoln…….here I come!

I hope you all are having an equally wonderful start to another beautiful spring day 🙂


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