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Comments here should pertain to your reading in 2 Chronicles only.  Please share what you have learned, observed, or applied.  Check back often for additional information from other group members.  As you comment, I will edit the post to include tag words that will make additional study/reference easier to access. 

**Please reference the beginning of your comments to include the following. 

  1. For comments pertaining to the whole book:  “ALL – (then write your comment)
  2. For comments pertaining to certain portions of the book:  “(Chapter #:Verse #’s) – (then write your comment)
  3. To reply to a particular comment from another person, click “reply” on their comment and then write what you want to say.  This will keep comment “threads” together.**

Thank you for following these guidelines.  This will help me keep the page organized and ready for easy reading!

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