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A Holy Day

holy –  given or belonging to God; set apart for God’s service; coming from God; sacred

Yesterday was a holy day.  Determined to get caught up with my reading, I purposefully set aside the day for that priority.  The boys and I were the only ones here.  I got started early, first counting just how many pages I was behind. 

51 pages was the goal.

We had breakfast, and I got the eldest started on his math lessons.  They are computerized and the one subject I have not had to prepare, teach, or grade this year.  The youngest son has already finished his math book for the year (not computerized) so he was happily playing in his room.

This was the perfect day to attempt such a feat.  The one thing I knew was that I did NOT want to spend the next several weeks behind schedule.  The other thing I knew was I didn’t really want to skip anything, so that’s why I decided to make the day a “Read-a-thon”.

It was soooooooooooooo quiet!  Several times I actually stopped reading because my mind didn’t know what to do without balancing 3 kids, 10 subjects, the phone, and other responsibilities! 

The television was off. 

The dogs were asleep.

There were no phone calls.

There were no pressing matters.

I needed to pay bills, but didn’t.

The dishes were dirty, but I looked the other way.

We skipped Science.

I let the boys play and they were content to do it behind a closed bedroom door.

It was perfect!  I was able to comment on things I had previously noted in the readings, write a post or two, and read 31 pages! 

Today, I’m still behind but, it’s only 15 pages now. 

How was your yesterday?  Are you behind?  If so, what is your “catch up” plan?

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A day in the life….

Just to be real … This is sampling of how my reading goes.

I woke this morning to the rest of the family already up and in full force. “Star Wars” was blaring on the television in the living room. One son was doing some online window shopping on the laptop. Sister was entertaining the granddaughter with breakfast and doing school work on her computer at the dining room table.

This was my chance!  I quickly made some breakfast, grabbed a cup of coffee, and retreated to my room with the door shut!

Sitting at the desk, opening my bible, I started devouring Numbers, eggs and french vanilla coffee goodness.  Ahhhhhhh! Then the door opens, and in comes the little one.

“Hi Gwa-maw!”

Oh wow, how she steals my heart (and my focus)!  We play hide and seek, “jumpy jumpy”, and “I’m gonna’ GET you”! Before long, 15 minutes or so had passed.

Second attempt: Must. Read.   Got my focus back on, and moving through the next chapter…In comes daughter.

“Hi Mom!”

This I can do. I think she has probably seen the need to escape from Obi Wan Kinobe’s adventures in the living room, and welcome the visit.

A voice from the living room:  “Mommmmmmmm!  Tell him to turn it down!”
“Turn it down son”. (Volume goes down)

“Hi Gramaw”
“Hi Baby”

Seriously.  Must. Read. (Turning back to the bible…)

I probably read another paragraph or two, something about waving offerings and counting people, then opens the bedroom door again.

In walks son with laptop ready to show me what all he HAS to buy with his money TODAY.  I make a proclamation:  “I will not do anything until I get through chapter 8!” so he begins to retreat.

Just as soon as I begin to read again, son #2 walks in to join the rest of the group because his movie is now over.  At this point, we have all four of them here in the “respite” room WITH me.


Daughter on her laptop.  Son on other laptop.  Granddaughter hiding under the bed pillows and laughing.  Son making faces at granddaughter.

Me?  I’m still desperately trying to finish the reading assignment:  “Duties of each of the sons.  Golden altars, blue cloths covering some things….from thirty years old and up…unfaithful wives.  Wow, she had better HOPE that water doesn’t rot her thigh!?…”

Hmmm….I wonder if they had the “Toms” back in their day?  Tom Selleck, Tom Cruise……those would have been dangerous thoughts, especially if the women knew they’d have to drink the cursed water.”

(Granddaughter is now hiding behind the curtains)  “Boo  Gwa-maw!”  Laughing and playing, laughing and playing, …. “Whew!”  It’s not very quiet in here anymore!

(The living room is so quiet you could probably hear crickets chirping…)

Reading again:  “Oxen, goats, ram…yay!  I can see Chapter 8 coming!…almost made it

Wash those Levites…  I really need a shower….”

Aaron has to arrange the lampstands”  Oh, he gets to decorate!  I wonder if he’d like “Pinterest“?”

Yeah, well, as you can see my focus on this reading is less than perfect, lol.

End of chapter 8:  “Woo hoo!  I made it!”  “Can’t wait for Ashley to post so I’ll know what I read”  🙂