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Just “peepin” in

I wonder if Adam and Eve felt like I’m feeling as they tried to hide from God in the garden?  Just “peepin” in here but hoping no one calls me out for being so behind in our goal, lol!



Ok, I’m recharged and ready to get back on the ball….started reading again today by the pool.  It was hot, but Solomon and all his wisdom was very convincing that I need to keep striving toward this goal.  Hopefully a few more pool-side sessions will catch me back up this week!

How are you doing?  Is there only three of us left? 



Yeah well…

…this goal seemed like a good idea at the time.  Unfortunately I am falling further behind with each passing day.  The worst part is that I just don’t want to read right now.  Everything I should be doing is not something I want to do.  Have you ever had days like that?  Yep, welcome to my big roller coaster life.  Sigh…



Joyful Monday Morning to Ya

Well, goooooooooood morning to ya!  Yes, I am a little more chipper than usual this morning.  I’ve just finished having my coffee on the back porch.  It was Q.U.I.E.T. out there for at least 15 minutes!  I made it through the whole cup of coffee before anyone but the dogs detected my presence 🙂

Of course, the dogs did their best to entertain and distract me.  They were rolling around play fighting all over the back yard and porch.  It sounded like a bunch of bears trying to tackle one another, lol!  Occasionally, they would come up  and attempt to engage my hand into some petting.  One sniff of their fishy-yucky-dog breath, however, convinced me that doggy affection would have to wait until later in the day.

Yes, it was me on the porch wrapped in the sacred  O.U. blanket, white socks WITH flip flops…..(this is how we wear flip flops when it’s cold in Texas, right?!)…and sipping on a steamy cup of java.  Ahhhhhh!

It was a good day to catch up on reading. 

King David has now died and Solomon is the new king.  Nathan did a good thing when he encouraged Bathsheba to get to the king first before Adonijah wrongfully wormed his way into the position.  I would love to have a Nathan in my life, wouldn’t you?  A physical person on this earth who would watch out for me and let me know when I’m about to mess up, or when someone is about to attempt to harm me.  Yes, a “Nathan” in my life would be a nice thing.

Oh wait!  We DO have “Nathans” in our life, don’t we?! 

It’s me, and you, and our neighbor, and our pastor, and our other spiritual friends.   We all are part of the body of Christ who has the responsibility to encourage and protect and hold accountable.

We have our Sunday School classes, our bible study groups, and the ones in this read thru the bible group as well.  We need the “Nathans” in our life to help keep us on track.  Though not necessarily declared “prophets” as he was, we all help to watch out for each other’s soul, and we can all help pick up the pieces when we’ve messed up.  We keep each other going, and remind each other that our busy lives don’t compare to what’s really in store for us when Jesus returns.

I really enjoy seeing each one of you take time to comment to one another.  Reading this blog may be hard — it may be just another thing to remember to do each day, but I hope we all will make it a priority to keep participating.  

What can you do to be the “Nathan” in someone’s life today?  Start here and take a moment to encourage those in this group.  Call them by name!  This isn’t just a place to lurk or vaguely check in.  

Yes, it’s been a good day so far.  I’ve even had my shower and now ready to Face the Homeschooling Giants in my life!Bird Reproduction, Acute and Obtuse Angles, Spelling Words and Abraham Lincoln…….here I come!

I hope you all are having an equally wonderful start to another beautiful spring day 🙂


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Psalm 60

It’s where I am.  You?


A Holy Day

holy –  given or belonging to God; set apart for God’s service; coming from God; sacred

Yesterday was a holy day.  Determined to get caught up with my reading, I purposefully set aside the day for that priority.  The boys and I were the only ones here.  I got started early, first counting just how many pages I was behind. 

51 pages was the goal.

We had breakfast, and I got the eldest started on his math lessons.  They are computerized and the one subject I have not had to prepare, teach, or grade this year.  The youngest son has already finished his math book for the year (not computerized) so he was happily playing in his room.

This was the perfect day to attempt such a feat.  The one thing I knew was that I did NOT want to spend the next several weeks behind schedule.  The other thing I knew was I didn’t really want to skip anything, so that’s why I decided to make the day a “Read-a-thon”.

It was soooooooooooooo quiet!  Several times I actually stopped reading because my mind didn’t know what to do without balancing 3 kids, 10 subjects, the phone, and other responsibilities! 

The television was off. 

The dogs were asleep.

There were no phone calls.

There were no pressing matters.

I needed to pay bills, but didn’t.

The dishes were dirty, but I looked the other way.

We skipped Science.

I let the boys play and they were content to do it behind a closed bedroom door.

It was perfect!  I was able to comment on things I had previously noted in the readings, write a post or two, and read 31 pages! 

Today, I’m still behind but, it’s only 15 pages now. 

How was your yesterday?  Are you behind?  If so, what is your “catch up” plan?

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Argh! I’m behind!

I feel it….

That sinking feeling that tells me I’m getting further and further behind!

It all started a week ago.  I got a few days behind but convinced myself I could catch up.  Then a few more days “happened”, and yet I still thought I could catch up.

Now, I’m pretty much a week behind on the reading schedule and wondering if this is the point that I slowly sink under water never to return again?!

I don’t want it to happen, but I know it does.  Somebody do something!  Stop the madness of our schedule for me, please!!

{raising 3 fingers slowly as I go down….}





As for Me and My House

Some of the last words from Joshua: “Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt.  Serve the Lord!  And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell.  But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:14-15

If you are reading the Chronological plan, these are the words you will see today.  As I thought about them, it reminded me of how many “things” we let into our house.  Good and bad, these things affect our lives in ways we don’t often stop to consider.

We invite them through our front door, and allow them to sit at our dinner table.

They implant their ways into the seats of our chairs and begin to get comfortable.

We share a movie with them, feed them meals, and often spend hours just failing to recognize their subtle changes and the way they begin to affect our families.

Our children are allowed to play with them.  They are many times unrecognized, yet a very present force within our world.

When these things present themselves in unpleasing manners, we often overlook, or ignore, or excuse…..even justify as the occasion is needed.

We “accept”.  We “co-exist”.  We begin to forget that these “things” aren’t of the Lord, because “times have changed”.  We practice non-judgment, non-confrontational, and silent speech.  We convince ourselves that “things” don’t matter, and that we and our families are strong enough to live WITH the things, yet not be OF them.

Yes, I’m talking about aLOT of things:  Some big things, some little things, some blatant things, some not-so-obvious things.  Things that are on the levels of our children.  Things that are saved for our eyes only.  A little slip, a little fall, a word here or there.  A rating, a commercial, a moment of distraction.  A lazy thing, a prideful thing, a thing hung on the wall.

These “things” can come in lots of forms, shapes, and sizes.  They can be only audible, or they can also be visibly displayed.  Many of these things like to even come in disguise, just so we won’t recognize the “thing” they really are!

Things distract us and dig their heels into our lives.  They infectiously affect us.

Much later than when the “thing” arrived, we realize the damage has been done, and weren’t vigilant!  We become numb.

These verses from Joshua remind me to stay vigilant against “things”.

We have to make a stand.  Write it on our doorstep.  Hang it on our walls.  Consider every “thing” that rings our doorbell:

As for Me and My House, We will serve the Lord

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Mum’s the word

Hi there!  Me again……your fearless accountability leader wondering where everyone is this week?!  I know some of you are dealing with sickness in the family, and life, well….life is just so so busy!!

Let me encourage you to stay in the word, though.  satan wants nothing more than to convince you this commitment is impossible.  He wants you to give into the tiresome load of life.  He would love it if you felt you were too far behind in your reading to catch up, and he would really love it if you never post on this blog….because when you do comment, he  knows that it will receive a response from your brothers and sisters in Christ who know how you are feeling.  He knows that you will be encouraged to keep reading, and finally he knows that you will be sparked through fellowship with other believers to keep going!

Our group started with 13 people on Facebook.  Now, after being asked to create this blog, I am wondering if it was a good idea or not?  So many have disappeared without even a word.  Is it because the blog is harder to read than Facebook?  If so, I am not opposed to those who want to do something different.  Maybe people have just dropped out because they don’t feel like they can do it, or maybe there’s another explanation?

Whatever the reason is, please be encouraged to keep participating!  We need each other to stay committed.



Only Paper and a Pen

Don’t you remember your high school teacher saying those words just as you entered the room?! 

“Take everything off your desk.  You will only need this paper and a pen because today is QUIZ DAY!!” 

(At that point is when we all started to panic, lol!)  You then turn over the paper and begin to read the questions: 

During which book did Moses build the ark? 

On what day did the serpent eat the apple? 

Why did Abram’s wife turn to salt?

Hmmmm……something’s a little wrong here, don’t you think?!

We’ve been reading for 8 weeks now and though lately we’ve endured long descriptive details about the tabernacle and sacrifices, there have been many other details that may be getting lost!  I thought it would be fun to do a little review and see what we could remember.

The following statements have been scrambled.  If you choose to accept this mission, take some time to put them in order and then post your results in the form of a comment.  (Just list the letters in the order you think they should be.  No cheating!  Don’t use your bible to look back before posting your answers!  This is not an open book test, Bwa ha ha haaaaaa!)

I will post the correct answers on Wednesday of this week.  If you know group members who don’t check the blog very often, please send a message (or post a link to this) via Facebook or email.

Here’s the list:

A.  Frogs plague the land of Egypt.

B.  Isaac is born.

C.  The coming of Jesus is foretold as the serpent is cursed.

D.  Instructions for the Feasts are given.

E.  Instructions for Offerings are given.

F.  Instructions for Tabernacle are given.

G.  Creation.

H.  Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.

I.  Lice plagues the land of Egypt.

J.  Moses reviews the events of the Israelites leaving Egypt, their wanderings, and arrival at the Jordan.

K.  Jacob receives his father’s blessing.

L.  Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers.

M.  Noah’s Ark.

N.  The first Census is taken.

O.  The Ten Commandments are given.

P.  Abram becomes “Abraham”.

Q.  Jacob becomes “Israel”.

R.  Balaam’s donkey talks.

S.  God provides manna for the Israelites for the first time.

T.  Moses is rescued by Pharoah’s daughter.

U.  Moses and Aaron are sent to tell Pharoah to let the Israelites go.


Yes, I know…’s a little hard….but we all like a good challenge, don’t we? 😉

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